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About us



To develop leaders who will create a better world.


The Sands Leadership Development Centre (SLDC) subscribes to John C Maxwell’s dictum that “leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less”. This understanding of leadership implies that we must look beyond the development of formal leaders, or students who will go on to hold leadership positions in their respective organisations. We must be concerned with the leadership development of every student because everyone is capable of, and will, influence someone else.

SLDC believes that

  • the heart of a leader is more important than the head;

  • leadership is a relationship and is not a position or title;

  • the leadership of a group or organisation increases when shared

  • the start to creating a better world is to be better person.

  • If leadership is influenced then the first person that anyone will lead is oneself.  SLDC courses, therefore, focus on helping our students understand this important aspect of leadership and developing in them the habit of continually improving oneself before seeking to influence others.

  • SLDC courses focus on the why’s before the how’s of leadership.

  • SLDC courses focus on equipping the students with the values, knowledge and skills to form and sustain positive relationships with peers, family members and others within the communities they intend to help.

SLDC offers a suite of courses to meet the needs of different groups of students.  Our courses range from leadership courses for all students to courses for formal leaders who will learn the skills to be leaders of leaders.  We have also included a course for community leadership, teambuilding and an area we believe is critical for the continued advancement of our society.  

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