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Outdoor Adventure Camp

Learning Outcome: This course will lead participants to recognise that they are capable of achieving greater goals if they dare to challenge their self-imposed mental and emotional limitations.

Participants will be placed in challenging situations which, through skilful facilitation and guidance, become opportunities for self-discovery. Through such challenging activities and adventure, participants will strengthen their self-efficacy, resilience and come to realise that teamwork can achieve far greater things.

Duration: Varies

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Leadership Programme

Learning Outcome: This course will start participants on the lifelong journey of knowing and leading the self.

The course is about leading, influencing and “conquering” oneself.

The importance and power of this concept is recognised in all religions and civilisations. There are many models of personal leadership and one suitable model is shaped by three questions –

  • “What are my goals?”,

  • “What are my values and beliefs”, and

  • “How do I relate to others”.

Participants will be engaged in challenging outdoor activities that will provide experiences which will allow them to reflect on the three questions in the above model.

Duration: Varies

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