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  1. Campers are to adhere strictly to the check-in/check-out times of the campsite:


       Check-in Time:                        1300hrs

       Check-out Time:                      1100hrs


    2. The Person-In-Charge must administer the checking in process on the first day.

    3. During a Programme or when the centre is in use, the onus of keeping the facilities CLEAN and the centre in operational order will be on the       organisation using the center at that time. Any losses or physical damage inflicted onto any buildings, structures, or equipment at the centre as a result of mishandling or improper usage will be reported with the resulting costs borne by the particular organization. In addition, areas where cleanliness is not maintained by the organisation will be cleaned and the expense borne by the occupying organisation.


  1. In the event where co-sharing of facilities is required, Sands Leadership Development Centre’s Staff will determine the degree of sharing. All dining hall facilities and field toilets will be allocated by SLDC staff based on the needs of individual Booking

  2. Booking made is non-transferable.

  3. All bookings must be made on the prescribed SARIMBUN SCOUT CAMP BOOKING.

  4. Sands Leadership Development Centre is the sole provider of training programmes at Sarimbun Scout Camp. External training providers are NOT permitted to be engaged.

  5. Confirmation of site booking will be sent to the Applicant within two week of Applicants who do not receive any notification/confirmation within the stipulated timeline are strongly encouraged to contact the Camp Office (Tel: 6259 2858 Ext 119) for clarification.

  6. Applicant / Camp Person-in-Charge is required to submit Camp Programme within 2 weeks after booking has been confirmed.

  7. Full camp fee will be imposed on Organisation that cancels a confirmed booking within (1) month from the commencement date of the camp.


  1. Applicants are required to email recce request to to facilitate any visits for recce trips to Sarimbun Scout Camp.

  2. All site recce requests must be arranged 7 working days or more in advance.

  3. All site recces to Sarimbun Scout Camp must be escorted by an SLDC Staff.


  1. Should an organisation choose not to purchase insurance from Sands Leadership Development Centre, SLDC is automatically indemnified against any claims made individually or by the organisation.


  1. On the first day of the Camp Programme, the IC is required to report to SLDC’s Staff to complete the check-in procedures which includes :

    1. Signing out all required keys;

    2. To personally check, or assign a person to check, and receive the inventory at the various equipment store;

    3. To draw out bed sheets and pillow cases if air-conditioned dormitories are used;

    4. To make request to draw out additional items from the SLDC’s equipment store, if needed.

2. On the final day of the Camp Programme, the IC is required to report to SLDC’s Staff to complete the checking out procedures which includes:

  1. Handing back all keys signed out;

  2. To personally check or assign someone to account for all inventory at the various equipment store and ensure they have been properly cleaned and kept;

  3. To account and return all bedsheets and pillow cases drawn out;

  4. To clean, pack, arrange and return any items drawn out from the SLDC’s equipment store;

  5. To ensure that the toilets are cleaned;

  6. To hand over the facilities used in a condition that is fit for a subsequent organisation to take over;

  7. To ensure that ALL rubbish is properly disposed of outside the centre;

  8. To check that all other administrative forms have been properly filled up.


  1. All meals are to be ordered from Sarimbun’s in-house The caterer is able to provide premium menus as well as BBQs on request. Please liaise with SLDC’s staff for such special arrangements.

  2. If meals have been included in the booking, a surcharge of S$60.00 for every meal indented below the minimum quantity requirement of 60pax per meal will be For example, if 1B, 1L, 1D, 1S & 1B for 45 pax is ordered, a surcharge of $60 x 5 meal sessions will be imposed.

  3. Actual food order needs to be submitted at least 7 working days before the commencement of camp.

  4. Field cooking (e.g. gas stoves) and outdoor cooking are permitted only at designated.

  5. Beef and pork are strictly prohibited at the campsite.

  6. All food and drinks are to be consumed at the dining hall. No food and drinks are to be consumed or kept in all accommodation area.

  7. Consumption of alcoholic drinks in the campsite is strongly discouraged.

  8. All campers are to provide their own mugs, cutlery and plates.


  1. Sleeping is allowed only at the Dormitories; “A” huts, Tents, Cabins and Lodges.

  2. No footwear is allowed into the Shoes are to be placed at the shoe racks outside the Dormitories.


  1. Naked flames are not permitted at any place except the campfire circles and the designated outdoor cooking sites.

  2. Use of fire extinguishers to put-out the campfire is prohibited unless in the case of an emergency.

  3. Chopping, cutting, destruction of any plants, trees or vegetation is strictly prohibited.



  1. To prevent choke of water basins and toilets, the following practices are to be adhered:

    1. Ensure that the proper washing procedure for cleaning of dishes is carried out;

    2. Before entering the toilets, mud and soil are rinsed off the clothes and The taps outside the toilets are to be used for this purpose;

    3. For programmes in which the participants end up very muddy, please rinse off all mud and soil first before washing off in the toilets (please consult SLDC Staff for confirmation of nearest rinsing point);

    4. Ensure that no litter is thrown into the drainage holes in the shower;

    5. Ensure that sanitary napkins are disposed of properly and not flushed into the toilet bowls.


  1. The dormitories and toilets are provided with brooms, mops and other equipment where necessary for area cleaning purposes.

  2. To help with their programmes, organisations are encouraged to bring (list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Brooms

  • Detergent/Washing Liquid

  •  Mops

  •  Long brushes

  •  State/School Flag

  • Toilet rolls

  • Pails

  • Sponges

  • First Aid Kit

  • Disinfecting solution

  • Rags

  • Trash Bags

  • Torch lights

  • PA system

  • Hand Soap


  1. The booking organisation shall appoint a qualified First Aider to be present throughout the duration of the Camp/Programme.



  1. Organisations must appoint Duty Personnel to administrate the medical emergency evacuation plan. Camp IC and Duty Personnel are to familiarise themselves with the evacuation plan during Check-in.

  2. The Organisation’s Duty Personnel should conduct an evacuation or fire drill to familiarise all campers and staff with the assembly and evacuation procedure.



  1. Only authorised vehicles are allowed in Sarimbun Scout Authorised vehicles are only to park at designated parking lots.

  2. Unauthorised vehicles parked within Sarimbun Scout Camp may be wheel-clamped or towed An administrative charge of S$250.00 will be charged for the removal of any wheel-clamp.

  3. SLDC and Singapore Scout Association will not be liable to any damages or losses to any vehicles parked within Sarimbun Scout Camp.


  1. No activities are to be conducted within the campsite, between 12 mid-night to 0600hrs. However, request could be made and permission granted upon check-in; subject to other camp groups being on- premise during the camp period.

  2. No staples, thumbtacks, nails or screws should be used to put up any signages, decorations or banners.



  1. As a precautionary measure against mosquito bites, it is encouraged that all campers are attired in long-sleeved shirts and long pants in the evenings.

  2. All campers must provide his/her own insect repellent. The burning of mosquito coil is not allowed in the huts and dormitories.

  3. The Adventure Centre will carry out weekly fogging of the premises and camping schools are advised to stay in well-ventilated area during the fogging process.



  1. Cleaning routines must be scheduled for the duration of the stay at the Centre.

  2. Floor to be free from litter at all times.

  3. To remove rubbish from the bins after every meal to the bulk disposal bins located outside the centre.


  1. The use of the LE, CV and RW are restricted to the Terms & Conditions laid in the respective Standard Operating Procedures. Failure to adhere to these PROCEDURES will result in the termination of the associated activities.

  2. All incidents/injuries or “near misses’ are to be reported to SLDC’s Camp Staff at the earliest opportunity with the intention of preventing further incidences. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of $500 being imposed for each incident unreported.



  1. The Booking Organisation shall be responsible for the facilities/equipment/devices booked/allocated or issued throughout the duration of the Camp/Programme. Any cost of damages to facilities/equipment or devices will solely be borne by the Booking Organisation.



  1. All invoices unpaid after a credit period of 30 days are subjected to a 1.5% late payment interest charge per month on the balance due.



  1. SLDC supports a smoke-free environment, smoking in Sarimbun Scout Camp is Strictly Prohibited.

  2. The Camp IC is responsible for the behavior and conduct of all its Facilities not booked should not be used or occupied during the period of the camp.

  3. For the safety of all campers, all intended movements of camping organization’s members or its visitors in and out of the campsite are to be indicated to SLDC Staff upon check-in.

  4. Ultilisation of the booking organization's own equipment/items, that is already offered for rental by SLDC, is prohibited.

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