Learning Outcome: Participants will clarify their personal motivation for serving the community and learn the leadership skills needed to initiate and lead community service groups.


Duration: 3 modules held over one year, and supported by a network of mentors There will be 3 modules for this course, namely

  • True Leadership. This will be a 3-day camp where participants will have a better understanding of values based leadership, which must start with personal leadership. This module will focus on helping participants clarify and strengthen their values and understand why they want to lead.

  • Contextualising Leadership. This will be a 3-day programme where participants will understand the social issues in Singapore through direct experience, dialogue and reflection. This will include conversations with the community and social leaders. Participants will identify a need of the community and develop an action plan to address this need.

  • Reflection and Sustainable Change. After a reasonable period, to be negotiated with the organisation, participants will return for a 2-day workshop where they will reflect on what they have done and learned, and propose what they would do to ensure that the change that they have implemented is sustainable.