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Learning Outcome: Participants will get to communicate and collaborate together to improve on their performance and efficiency, resolves conflicts and misunderstandings to be more accepting towards each other.


Customise your programme to meet your organisation's needs

  • Train to be an effective facilitator 

  • Connecting teams from various department to improve communication, motivation and productivity

  • To foster creativity and innovation in your workplace

  • To promote healthy competition to inculcate team spirit among team members

Activities includes the following:
(The list below are examples and is non-exhaustive.)

  • High Elements 

    • The Challenge Pyramid
      (Zipline, Abseiling, QuickJump & High Element Circuit)​

    • Intermediate Ropes Course

    • Rock Climbing

  • Low Elements (Eg. Whale Watch, Nitro Crossing)

  • Outdoor Cooking

  • Orienteering

  • Raft Building

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