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Our Courses :

  • Level 1 Facilitators' Course

  • Level 2 Facilitators' Course

  • In-house Station Master Course

Everyone has leadership in them waiting to be discovered. Getting people exposed to the art of leadership and facilitation, allows them to know how strong leadership skills can influence others, thereby changing people's lives. It also gets them to discover their innate qualities and strengthen their own teaching/coaching styles in the outdoor. In these courses, we will explore a wide range of hard and soft skills to equip you with the skills to manage the fun and safety aspects of the programmes that will be conducted.   

Level 1 Facilitators Course

What is it all about?
It is a course that helps people who are interested about facilitation to join and learn Sands Leadership Development Centre's (SLDC) Methodology and beliefs. Throughout the course, they will learn facilitation theories, basic facilitation skills, go through the elements of the campsite and briefing of the safety and risk involved. This allows facilitators to put themselves into the shoes of the participant, creating the correct experiences and values for them. 

Level 2 Facilitators Course


Level 1 covers the "how" concept of Facilitation, while Level 2 explores the "why" concept. In this course, Facilitation topics are studied and discussed more in-depth allowing you to have further understanding of the "why" concept. Basic foundation of "Mentoring" will also be covered during the course. Level 2 also looks at understanding and drafting of camp programs - Programming. During the course, Risk Assessment documentation becomes a part of activities designed.

In-house Station Master Course


The training orientates you of the campsite outdoor adventure facilities. It also trains and certifies you to conduct the adventure facilities of the campsite. It however, does not certify you to conduct the adventure facilities of other campsite.

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