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Leadership Programme : 

This Leadership Programme caters to different frame works such as,


  • The Leadership Challenge

    • Model The Way

    • Inspire a Shared Vision

    • Challenge the Process

    • Enable Other to Act

    • Encourage the Heart

  • 360 Degree Leadership

    • Developing leaders to influence anyone at any level

      • Lead Up

      • Lead Across

      • Lead Down

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    • Be Proactive

    • Begin with the end in mind

    • Put first things first

    • Think Win-Win

    • Seek first to understand then to be understood

    • Synergize

    • Sharpen the saw

  • 7 Pillars of Servant Leadership

    • Person of character

    • Puts people first

    • Skilled communicator

    • Compassionate collaborator

    • Has foresight

    • Systems thinker

    • Leads with moral authority

Profiling Tool :

  • DISC

    • Dominant

    • Influence

    • Steadiness

    • Conscientiousness 

To develop the leaders with different kinds of method. The goal of the camp is to provide leadership training for the participants to increase their self-awareness, time management, life skills and teamwork.

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