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Outdoor Adventure Camp:

Outdoor Adventure Camp is a programme that allows students to participate in the outdoor elements such as Zipline, Rock Wall, Abseiling and more at the campsite. Along with having to let them experience and debrief an activity.

Land & Sea Expedition :

The programmes objective is to develop participant’s resilience and to build positive encouragement between the peers.

  • Suggested Activity :

    • Hiking

    • Cycling

    • Kayaking

    • Dragon boating


Nature Guided Walk :

A guided walk where participants would usually hike for a certain distance while studying and understanding the nature or the history of the location. This walk allows to instil a love for nature with the inspiring educational programmes. The participants would then participate in a certain activity that allows them to have a relatable meaning to life.

  • Places we’ve been too :

    • Sungei Buloh

    • Pulau Ubin

    • Singapore Botanic Gardens

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