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About Sarimbun Main Campsite

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience through and through, you can always rent our Sarimbun Main Campsite! Various fun-filled activities such as Telematch or even a Soccer Match can be done in our spacious Main Field. The element to look out for and try would be our towering TCP (The Challenge Pyramid) that consist of 4 thrill seeking activities such as, High Element Circuit, Zipline, Abseil and Quick Jump! To get the full Sarimbun Experience, it is a must-try to do water activities in our famous “Milo Pond” which would be an experience you will never forget. As the sun starts to set, relax by our many campfire rings and let your troubles go with campfire songs and bonding sessions with your friends. After a long day, you can choose to tuck into your sleeping bags in our cosy triangular A-Huts, non-air-conditioned or

air-conditioned dormitories. Do not forget, sleeping in our 8-men or 12-men tents is always in style and an option for you!

If you would like to rent our space, head down for a recce or have any further questions, do email us at or call us at +65 6793 7008.

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